Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank you Mrs.Deraps

This year was actually very influential to me because I learned a lot about how I can get better grades on my writing projects. Mrs.Deraps made this year very fun with all her creative "artsy" projects, her humor that would make the most in depth "emo" kid laugh. I am very grateful that she was patient with my slow ability to comprehend why my papers were never 100% perfect, BUT now I know why. I will never forget this year and all the good, bad, funny, and especialy the ugly moments in Mrs.Deraps English class.

Favorite Play

My favorite play that we read this year was Merchant Of Venice because we were able to act it out (and acting is fun) I rely got into the character I was playing and found that I rely could be creative with the script.

My Writeing Projects

This year I stretched my thinking AND creativity this year was the vingette project where we were FORCED to use every ounce of creative thinking. I was an alright THINKER but writing wasn't rely a strong point but since we had to write AT LEAST 9 vingettes my writing got even better(especialy with the spelling) and setting up the words in INSANELY cool forms.